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Do you want to be super-successful?

You see what I have come to realise is that for any group of businesses in any industry sector, what you find is that only 1% of the businesses in that market are crushing it. They're the millionaires and unquestionably super-successful. And what's more about 4% are doing really well and 15% are on their way to getting there. But what I've found, and I promise you this is true (just look around you), 60% of business owners at any time are are just 'getting by' and 20% are struggling.

Now once you understand this, it forces you to a conclusion you may not want to hear - most people in your industry or sector are wrong. About everything! Because 80% are either getting by or struggling. I bet that wasn't the plan. So if you do the same as everyone else in your sector you'll end up with the same results as them, which means you'll be....either just getting by or struggling.

But I'll let you into a secret. The 20% who are crushing it or getting there all have one thing in common. They find out what the super-successful people are doing and model their behaviour. And one of things they do is make sure they know their business numbers and get a really good accountant.

Now we can't make you super-successful all on our own. You need to put in the 'hard yards' and be prepared to learn. If you are we can help you. Whilst we will cost a lot less than you may think, we can only show you (and help you) become super-successful if that is what you really want. And if you are prepared to change a lot of what you are doing now. It may get uncomfortable.

And don't think this is about working 80 hours a week. Quite the opposite. Did you know that on average super-successful business owners work about 30 hours a week and take 4-5 holidays a year. Of course they do - they are super successful. If you think we may be able to help you here's what you should do next.

How to grow your business

There is no status quo in business - you are either growing or shrinking.  And if you are not growing, well.... now is the time to invest and grow. If you'd like help then download our free guide to '17 things you must do to get ready to grow.'

How to improve your cash flow

Cash and profit are not the same; in fact you can make a profit and still have negative cash flow! And you can only spend cash....not profit. Find out how to improve your cash flow and where to get business funding with our free guide.

Know your business numbers

Business owners who know their numbers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis make better financial decisions (and more profit). Get a copy of my book 'Figure it out - an entrepreneur's guide to understanding your business numbers'. It's free!

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