Accountant in Chester

You can't become super-successful all on our own. You deserve to have an affordable accountant by your side who will help your business grow.

Do you get all this from your accountant?

You can’t become super-successful all on our own. No-one can. So you deserve to have an affordable accountant by your side who will help your business grow. We only work with business owners who are passionate about what they do and ‘get it’ that knowing their business numbers is one of the keys to success. Here’s what we do for our clients:

  • Cloud accounting software on one of the major platforms (we don’t prescribe, but will advise which one is best for your business);
  • Annual budget and cash flow forecast (including forecast tax payments, so no surprises!);
  • A monthly meeting (face to face or online) with our principal, Noel Guilford, to review your progress against your agreed goals;
  • Monthly (or quarterly if you prefer) management report;
  • Monthly debtors report;
  • VAT returns (if applicable);
  • Making Tax Digital (MTD) ready software (or bridging software if you use spreadsheets);
  • Payroll preparation and RTI returns;
  • Annual accounts and corporation tax return to HMRC (if incorporated);
  • Self assessment tax returns for the business owners;
  • Company secretarial support for online filing at Companies House;
  • Weekly blog and tax tips;
  • Unlimited email and telephone support to the business owner and bookkeeper.

Guilford Accounting are a firm of Chester Accountants with clients throughout England and Wales. Our automated and cloud based solutions for businesses mean that distance makes no difference as we regularly have online client meetings using Zoom our meeting and screen sharing software.

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