Guilford Accounting is a firm of Accountants in Chester; we specialise in the provision of high quality business advice, accounting and tax solutions. Our expert knowledge and experience enables us to provide our clients with the highest quality business and financial solutions.

Not all accountants are the same. At Guilford Accounting we do things differently. We tailor our whole approach to benefit you and your business. We go further by offering accountancy solutions that help you to increase sales, reduce costs and become more profitable. Our proactive advisory and accounting services boost our clients’ profits and help them to shape their marketing strategy.

We like to get to know our clients a little better than the competition; we think it makes good business sense. We know the difference that efficiently compiled, up-to-date and detailed accounts can make to the bottom line. It’s this difference that allows us to help you grow your business – and your wealth – by highlighting both opportunities and shortcomings in your business strategy.

People often say to us ‘I can’t get a straight answer from my accountant.’ We think we know what they mean. Ask us a question and we’ll give you a straightforward response in plain English. You’ll know exactly where you stand. We are in the business of accounting, business advice and tax and we know you will just want to know the impact not the process.

And as one of our clients you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with Noel Guilford for a regular strategy meeting. It isn’t obligatory. But, like most of our clients, we think you’ll want to. After all, it won’t cost you a penny, and you’ll be provided with advice on all areas of your business and personal finances.

It’s easy to forget that accounting is about so much more than someone doing your books. It’s about having someone who can identify ways of saving you money; someone who can help you spend your funds more wisely; someone who can eliminate risks before they become expensive errors.

We recognise that long–term success isn’t just about growth but also about minimising risk. We understand this because over the last twelve years our own business has been built from scratch – so we know a little about the commercial risks and challenges you face on a daily basis.

The principal of Guilford Accounting is Noel Guilford is a Accountant with over 40 years experience in the Accounting profession. He is passionate about small businesses and how they can use their business numbers to drive their marketing strategy. After a career as apartner with a ‘big-4’ firm he set up Guilford Accounting in 2002 to work solely with owner-managers who want to grow their businesses. He now lives in Dodleston, a village just outside Chester.