Starting your own business is hard – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And it isn’t for the timid. It takes the right attitude and mindset. This article is a must-read for anyone thinking of striking out on their own  And if it’s not right for you, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later, which is why our start-up programme begins with a diagnostic test: ‘Should I start my own business?’

In our experience this vital step is the ‘missing link’ in every other start up programme, which assumes that everyone and anyone can successfully run their own business. Too many dreams are shattered by people who should never have become self-employed in the first place.

As a client of Guilford Accounting here’s what get from our start-up programme:

    • A no obligation meeting to discuss your start-up idea and complete our proprietary diagnostic - Should I start my own business?
    • Our modular training and mentoring package which includes:
      1. Getting started
        • Having the right mindset to be self-employed
        • Business name, logo and branding
        • Structure (sole trader or limited company)
        • What must I tell HMRC and by when?
        • What insurance do I need?
        • Opening a bank account
        • Funding your start-up business
      2. Setting up systems and IT
        • Registering a domain name
        • Setting up email
        • Keeping books and records
        • Invoicing and collecting debts
        • Equipment, broadband and IT
        • Secure data transfer
      3. Compliance
        • Registering with the Regulator (if applicable)
        • Disclosure & Barring Service
        • Data Protection
        • Terms and conditions
      4. Marketing
        • Who is my ideal client?
        • Creating a niche
        • Building my online presence
        • Pricing my services
        • Creating a LinkedIn profile
        • Working for agencies
        • Testimonials
        • Becoming an expert
        • Do I need a website?
      5. Self-confidence: The Boost Programme (a bespoke programme created for us by two business coaches).
    • Set up and management of your chosen cloud accounting solution;
    • Access to our web designer to build your own WordPress CMS website;
    • Website hosting, backup and security;
    • Access to our graphic designer to create your logo and branding;
    • Social media set up;
    • 12 month mentoring programme.