Posted on July 22, 2018  
by Noel Guilford

This week has seemed a bit like the end of the holidays rather than the beginning. The World Cup, Wimbledon and the summer just seemed to end all together. Soon it’ll be the football season.

And just like the England team at the World Cup I wrote about last week, all the teams will be preparing.

But how many of us take time out to prepare for a new ‘season’ in our businesses?

If I were to ask you what your purpose is, how would you respond?

If I asked you to clearly articulate your vision, what would you tell me?

If I asked you to outline your short, medium and long terms goals – the objectives for your business aligned to your purpose and vision – could you do so?

Because the reality is that most of us are hard working business owners with a desire to succeed: we want more customers, bigger profits, more time with our families. We have an impressive work ethic. And yet too few of us can answer these questions.

In case you are wondering why this is important (which is worrying in itself) its because no-one achieves true success without answering them.

Sure, some people reach a reasonable level of success and create a comfortable lifestyle but they don’t achieve a return commensurate with all the hard work and risk they put in.

That’s what a lack of purpose and vision will do for you. It’s that feeling of another day on the hamster wheel but no real progress………and you can’t break out of the cycle.

And yet the idea of spending time articulating what success looks like seems alien to many business owners. Understandably so. None of us were taught how vital visioning is to our business success.

And yet there are examples all around us. There’s a reason that memorable people in history are called ‘visionaries’. And why successful entrepreneurs talk about seeing the ‘big picture’. And why the victors in sport tell how they envision winning.

Having a vision of where you are going and how to get there isn’t a ‘nice to have’ – it’s essential.

It might not seem important today…..lacking a vision doesn’t hurt you in the day-to-day bustle of everyday business….but it matters over the long term. How else will you know if every idea, decision and action you take will move you forward.

There is a specific process involved in determining your purpose and creating your vision – it doesn’t just happen – and if you want to live life on your terms it’s worth getting creative and finding out how it works.

I have used this process successfully with many of my clients over the years; if you’d like me to show you then drop me a line. It could be the best investment in your business you make.

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