Posted on April 23, 2019  
by Noel Guilford

Maybe it’s the time of year. A warm sunny Easter. Not long after I sent you my email about consciousness I received the following email from Christian Simpson whose daily blog I follow:

     Nature reveals great truths – great truths unseen by the majority.

Her laws, universal and unwavering, laws which apply to every part of our lives whether we’re conscious of it or not, are there to be seen for those who’ve developed an inner eye of understanding.

As the light increases, once barren and empty branches awaken to flower and bloom. Unseen to the naked eye, the beauty was always there, lying dormant within the plant, waiting to be called forth once conditions conducive to its expression exist.

The process is no different with you, friend.

Consciousness is light. The more conscious you become of the potential lying dormant within you, the more of it you’ll express into your life.

You see, your life as you know it today does not represent your potential. Your life represents how conscious you are of your potential.

There’s an abundance of capability locked up inside of you you’re not currently consciously aware of. The more conscious you become of those untapped resources, the more you’ll express them into your life.

It’s called ‘untapped’ potential for a reason. It only remains untapped because you’re not conscious of it. In other words, you’ve yet to bring the light of consciousness to it – you’ve yet to “see the light”.

Like the bare, barren branches of vegetation sleeping its way through the dark winter months, unless you’re willing to go within, to mine for the deep, rich resources you’re currently not conscious of – bringing light to your darkness – you’ll sleepwalk your way through life and never be all you’re capable of being.

The kingdom is within.

He explains it far better than I do.

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